My Trials With My Own Coaching Business

The Journey into Mental Health Coaching and Therapy

From my coaching experience and the complexities of owning a business, I’ve delved deeply into the business side of mental health coaching and therapy. Over the last few years, being part of a community of online therapists and coaches has significantly broadened my understanding. Observing my partner, who’s somewhat involved in the private practice realm but not entirely, has added another layer to my perspective.

I’ve come to realize that it takes a unique individual, perhaps even a specific personality type, to truly enjoy private practice and entrepreneurship, which is essentially what owning a private practice entails. While the autonomy, flexibility, and financial incentives are undoubtedly appealing, the logistics of business administration, sales, and marketing can be incredibly time-consuming and overwhelming. Without adequate support, the passion for coaching or counseling can easily be overshadowed by burnout, stress, and anxiety — challenges I’ve personally faced in my journey.

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Oh, AI Can Do That For You

However, I embarked on my venture before the rise of AI. Now, after navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship and immersing myself in the world of AI, virtual assistants, and automated workflows, I believe that starting a private practice is easier than ever. Today’s AI can efficiently handle various administrative tasks, from billing and record-keeping to scheduling and call management. AI-driven financial tools, equipped with predictive analytics, can assist therapists in better financial planning. The marketing challenges I once grappled with are now more manageable, thanks to AI-driven strategies that effectively target potential clients.

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Counselor, not Entrepreneur

Yet, most counselors are trained to be therapists, not entrepreneurs, business owners, or AI experts. Even if they invest time in understanding business operations or AI’s potential benefits, pursuing a career as a private therapist isn’t for everyone. The journey is laden with workload, risks, unpredictability, and a myriad of administrative and ethical/legal considerations. However, I believe that today, more than ever, this path has become more accessible.

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