For Those Who Want To Find Themselves And Adapt From Pain



I am an ordinary adopted human and I have a strong passion for self-awareness and self-actualization.
QUESTIONS have always been my tool for exploring my interpretations of my reality and making sure my perceptions and decisions are not controlled by anything other than original thought.
I believe that no matter what we have went through and who has power over our thinking, we can always find our way back to our authentic perspectives and live a higher quality of life.

We help people learn how to think for themselves and stop being controlled by their traumas, negative thoughts and societal influences.

Are you controlled by the media? Are you controlled by your parents? Are you controlled by your trauma? Are you controlled by your relationships? Are you controlled by your own ego? Are you controlled by your cognitive biases? How would you really know?

Turn the external questions into internal questions, and you will find the answers.
I help people of all different backgrounds navigate inward towards higher levels of self-awareness, introspection and self-actualization in order to regain control and let go of pain, anger and toxic mindsets.

With our 3 month accountability mentoring program, you will be able to go deeper into your being and learn how to analyze and resolve your self-harming belief systems, negative emotions, bad habits and victim mindsets.

With the Mind Analysis Action Plan (MAAP), we dig and excavate into your subconscious and pick out the core seeds that are most likely responsible for growing your ego, limiting beliefs, fears and negative perceptions via the 30+ page blueprint of your mind that radically speeds up the transformation you are searching for.

3 Month Accountability Mentoring Program For Pain & Suffering

Facing major limiting beliefs in your life? Do you feel like you can't find direction or that you are behind? My superpower is asking questions no one will ever ask you in ways that will create immediate change. I'll help you identify everything you don't know about yourself that you NEED to know in order to get your life back on track. Limited spots available for this intensive program.

Transform Faster Than Therapy (MAAP)

Have you tried coaching or therapy already before with no success? They probably didn't ask you the right questions! Wish there was a way you could find answers faster about yourself that ACTUALLY help you transform without having to spend years in therapy? IT EXISTS! Find out everything that you need to know about yourself in order to change your life forever without wasting more time.

Adoptee Self-Discovery Accountability Mentoring Program

Are you adopted or an adoptive parent looking to explore layers of adoption pains? It is hard to self-reflect without knowing the best questions to ask yourself that actually create effective reflection! I help hundreds of adoptees navigate inward and provide a safe and effective space for non-judgmentally investigating their lived experiences. You don't know what you don't know!

Is This You?