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Look outside and you will see yourself. Look inside and you will find yourself”
Drew Gerald


It is normal to have moments where you experience self-doubt. But, is it becoming consistent? Is it affecting your work? Your relationships? How you live your everyday life? Do not wait until you reach your breaking point.

Alex is trained and has experience in helping you see the limitless potential that your mind possesses. He helps you look inside you and learn to make decisions that are best for your life. All these aspects are aimed at making you thrive, find purpose in all that you do and have the mental capacity and willingness to go through them.

Look Within🧠

In an hour look phone conversation, we will explore your life by going through your current lifestyle, where you would like to be, what is holding you back and areas that can be improved.

We will then analyze whether you are eligible for the Mind Analysis Summary and Action Plan that highlights your core issues and then tailor-made 12 month action plans based on who you are as a person, your dreams and ambitions.

Mind 🧠 Analysis

In this stage, we aim to understand and explore your psychological and emotional state and process, all so that we can understand your perception of things. We will also train you introspection, this is the ability to look within oneself and judge the best possible call of action in any circumstance.

Creation of Your Action Plan

After we have understood who you are to your core, what you want out of life and common obstacles you face, we will draft an action plan specific to your needs.

Transformation 👁

We keep you on your toes, having regular checkups and mentoring sessions to help you improve your self-awareness, mindfulness and life accountability. All this is done as you follow your 12-month action plan that will help you change your life forever.



The ability to self-analyse yourself


The ability to be able to give yourself time as you work towards what you hope to achieve

Critical thinking

The ability to analyse a situation and form an informed judgement based on all parameters available


the ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes

“If you have the opportunity to work with Alex, I think that it’s going to be a very positive experience. And you’re going to get a lot out of it. It’s going to be worth the effort because he’s going to put the effort in. He has the knowledge he has the empathy is the insight. He has the kind of analytical mind that can really figure things out and get results.”

Mitch Skolnik

operation Director, Elegant Themes

“The Mind Mentor has assisted me in multiple aspects of my life but specifically with codependency, addiction and perception shifting. Five years ago, I was using any external gratification to deal with my own issues internally. Alex was able to assist me in finding my authentic self underneath the years of addiction, facades and dissociation. He assisted me by providing me with worksheets. mentoring taught me how to meditate and to use mindfulness in my everyday life. He’s an amazingly gifted person, very compassionate and authentic and he has a lot of good to give”

Andrel Nahaev

operation Director, Elegant Themes

“I think the experience was a really good one for me. And I think it’d be nice for anyone to go through. Because you might not ask yourself these questions. It gives you something to think about, think about yourself internally and the journey that you’ve been on in your life to get you to the point where you’re at right now.”

Eduard Ungureanu

Tech Support, Elegant Themes

Alex’s Self- Mind analysis was an extremely useful self reflecting tool that allowed me to dive deeper into my past, my current situation and where I wanted to go. I already thought that was an extremely valuable tool he provided, but then he over delivered! He took back that analysis and wrote an entire report that included the most detailed assessment I have ever read on my mind. It was so accurate that I actually cried as I read it because no one has ever known me that well.

Tom Ewer

Blogger, Elegant Themes

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