The Mind Analysis Action Plan (MAAP) is a scientifically grounded approach designed to accelerate personal growth,
self-awareness, and authenticity. It’s a process that transcends traditional therapy, offering deep insights into mental
health, anxiety, stress, and the mind’s core issues.

Our Approach & Process

Psychological Flexibility Assessment

Measures the client's adaptability, cognitive resourcefulness, and ability to balance various life domains, fostering awareness and authenticity.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Investigates personal and social competence, breaking down subjective emotions, anxiety, and self-honesty.

Priming for Advanced Self-Reflection Session

Prepares the mind for deeper inward reflection, building an authentic personality free from stress and anxiety.

Self Analysis Session

Enables the client to self-analyze unfamiliar aspects of themselves, promoting mental health and well-being.


A trained Mind Mentor analyzes various aspects of the client's mind, including strengths, mindset, self-identity, obstacles, beliefs, values, cognitive biases, emotional blockages, and more.

The End Result

The MAAP report offers a detailed analysis of how the client interprets reality, including self- perception, mental health, anxiety, and difficulties. It speeds up therapy sessions, condensing insights from 10 or more sessions into one report. Included are self-exploratory exercises and a 30+ page report that the client can use with a mind mentor, therapist, or life coach.

Client Experiences

Clients describe the MAAP process as transformative, highlighting issues in unique ways and providing custom strategies for mental health, stress reduction, and personal growth.

Mind Mentor's Role:

A Mind Mentor facilitates the entire process, allowing the client to cultivate authenticity and awareness. The non-judgmental investigation process and the reading of one's own mind analysis help shed the ego and open the mind for radical transformation.

Client Descriptions of MAAP

A comprehensive blueprint of the mind's core issues, including anxiety and stress.

A process that pushes introspective overdrive and analysis, fostering authenticity.

A raw, authentic, refreshing assessment of mental health and the mind.

A journey inward towards unconscious territories, alleviating anxiety.

A therapy accelerator that uncovers sub-level goals and promotes mental well-being.

A tool that clarifies life purpose, reduces stress, and directs the subconscious.

The MAAP is not just an assessment; it’s a profound journey into the mind, offering a faster, more efficient path to
self-discovery, mental health, and healing. It’s a process that resonates with authenticity and awareness, grounded in
a rational and scientific approach, making it a powerful alternative to traditional therapy methods for anxiety and stress relief.