The Age of Tech Cognitive Biases

I was that kid who had a flip throughout highschool, college and in my early 20s. In fact, I only just recently bought a smart phone to start my Mind Mentor business. I was also that freshmen in college who didn’t have my own Facebook yet and stared at people on the bus as they looked at their smart phones as if they were looking into the eyes of their maker. I remember when texting first was developed on flip phones. It was then I started to notice this cultural shift in how we communicated and the types of values kids started adopting. This was in middle school. This shift in perception has only developed and gotten stronger over the last 20 years. Now, we can see entire cultures and generations adopting those new values and traits I noticed when I was growing up, unable to conform to the “norm” of giving up my soul to my phone.
Fast forward to today. These cultural cognitive biases are and have been largely developed by select employees of tech giants such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and most recently, TikTok. Companies like these have relatively few employees who’s jobs are solely to create ways to make users more addicted to their products in order to puppetry their thoughts, behaviors, values, future actions, relationships, decisions, perceptions and interpretations of their lives and the world they think they live in. This is no “conspiracy,” this is just a basic business model.
What people don’t realize about the practices and business models of power hungry tech giants is that it encourages development and creation of virtual avatars. By enforcing addiction as a core company value, as opposed to customer safety, tech giants area in many ways extracting the essence of their users straight into databases by doing everything in-humanely possible to get as much of their “client’s” attention as they possibly legally (and illegally) can. They are focusing on answering their most fundamentally important question “how much of your life can you give to them?” Some secondary questions may be “to what degree can our platform and business model control human behavior?
Sure okay, “they are not controlling me!” This may be something you think right now as you are reading about this conspiracy theory jumbo of “mind control.” However, consider this. Are you aware of any long term changes in your brain, characteristics, values, behavior and tech habits that may have occurred due to the time you have spent on your phone? Do you even know how you would measure such a change? Well trust me, social media and advertising businesses know exactly how to measure it because their success is dependent on manipulating your behaviors. Tech giants have implemented long term processes to gradually and slightly change human behavior through spiking dopamine levels when new updates occur. This is a classic growth model for business that slowly evolves and massively snowballs influence over time. The result is a subtle, imperceptible change in not just individual human behavior, but societal, collective consciousness, aka norms.
The tech business model is designed to change what you do, how you think, what you value, what you buy, how you think and ultimately, who you are. By slightly changing millions, and billions of people, a huge collective consciousness shift has occurred, and culture of tech puppets has been created. Think about it, these companies and their employees are literally in charge of changing the world in the direction that the business model wants to go, that has nothing to do with the psychological safety of humanity. Our collective dreams as human beings are their business. Why sell to a market when they can determine the market? In other words, why try to sell what people don’t want when you can make them want, no, need what you sell. They sell certainty, and therefore cognitive biases. By selling biases and ways of thinking, this gives them a trillion dollar advantage over humans. They know what you need because they made you need and want it. This allows tech giants to create awesome predictions in human desire and money habits. This controlled market place has never existed ever in human existence. Your mind is the commodity and your virtual data is being scrapped, harvested and used to predict and influence your cognition so that your future behaviors can be traded within the trillion dollar virtual human mind stock market. 

Any successful empire is inherently damaging to its citizens, especially those who are poor, sick, poor in mind or otherwise vulnerable. In my opinion, we are currently living in a global moment where a well-established and very powerful technology industry is a more likely candidate for human sacrifice than ever before. One is humanists are not just being paranoid, their “activism” is putting their mental health and well-being at risk. Their “civic duty” in helping society is stifling human connection, encouraging social isolation, and arguably killing the diversity of thought and intelligence needed for a healthy and successful social organism.

We can’t expect tech companies to change their business model while they simultaneously enjoy the psychological control, monitoring and financial incentives. Both beliefs can coexist, but we need to start changing the system that rewards tech companies’ money making machine business model over our mental and physical well-being. As a user, remember you are being sold to, so no need to buy into this crap. Just opt out. Not buying into a system that is killing humanity is a revolutionary act. The system is designed to disempower you and make you dependent on it. The choice is yours to get off the train before it crashes. If enough people make this change, these social influencers, owners of social networks and influencers will be faced with a lost market. When the markets begin to lose faith in their inventions, the momentum toward a more democratic, humanistic and compassionate system begins to change. !!! Remember, whether the current social platform you use will end up having users will have less to do with personal experience and more to do with marketing strategy and algorithms designed by the establishment to make the profit off of human suffering. 

P.S. The purpose of this writing is to simply spread awareness of the new normal. We can’t fight this battle if we aren’t aware of how the game is played, its victims, and the power structure at play.