What’s to come next?

So you filled out the FREE Self- Mind Analysis Tool. Now you are ready to take the next step towards advanced self reflection via an in depth analysis and assessment of your answers.

A few things to note:

What Should I Expect?

This report goes into extreme detail and summarizes the following information based on the FREE Self-Mind Analysis Tool you send back:

Should I Buy This?

Therapists may take years to process core issues. Life coaches may gradually help you navigate your life and help you move towards your visions and goals. This report however is something extremely different. The Mind Summary Analysis & Action Plan breaks down your mind data by highlighting cognitive biases, triggers, mind state perceptions, potential traumas and other potential obstacles within your mind. This report provides immediate clarity and also acts as a blueprint for how to approach the potential negative narratives that manipulate your frequent focus and attention. It is an advanced assessment of where you currently are mentally and where you can be in the future. This report directly facilitates and jump-starts effective change, self reflection, self analysis and self awareness and can act as a dynamic workbook that will facilitate faster progress within therapy, life coaching or even a self help setting. I believe that in order to live a more authentic life where ego and society does not manipulate decision making, emotions and behaviors/ habits, everyone should have a deeper understanding of the inner machinations within their mind. This assessment does that work for you. If you want faster answers because either you don’t have time for therapy or life coaching or you have been going to therapy or life coaching and you feel as though it is taking too long, this report is worth about 3-7 therapy sessions. The Mind Analysis Summary & Action Plan is the best hybrid assessment and strategic outline of your mind that you will find without going to therapy or life coaching, I guarantee it or your money back.



Ready For The Best Year Of Your Life?

This is a year long accountability mentor-ship program that will involve monthly zoom calls, consciousness tools, private virtual trainings, accountability texts and optional one on one sessions. The program will consist of teaching and practicing custom meditations, CBT techniques, Socratic questioning, discussions on metaphysics, mindfulness, psychology, philosophy, Human Ecology and various books such as:

For the first 10 people who sign up, the price will be $30 a month or a total of $360. After every 3 months, I will accept another 10 people into the program and the price will be $40 only for new members. After another 3 months, the price will increase to $50 etc. The original price that is paid will always remain the same for all clients. In other words, you will never have to pay more than what you originally paid.