Below you can look at a generalized diagram of SOME of the similarities and differences.

In most cases, there is a lot of overlap. Therapists can choose to do everything mentors and life coaches do, however most are not trained in that way.

It is important to know what you are looking for and which type of help will be best for you.

Our 3 Month Accountability Mentoring Program

At Mind Mentor LLC, we combine evidence-based models, psychology theory used in therapy, strategies and tools implemented in CBT coaching, scientific methods practiced in higher education and personal life experiences to provide the best holistic mentoring advice you can't find anywhere else. Our 3-month program will not only help you with your past, present and future, but we will provide you with space for non-judgmental investigation of your inner reality, the education necessary for perception shifting and the tools to keep your momentum going forward and locking in long-term sustainable lifestyle changes. This program is EXTREMELY relational and not transactional, meaning we are going to be going through the process completely with you and by your side. Each program is slightly tweaked, and custom created for each client, making it truly a program designed for you as an individual entirely. We don’t like cookie cutter programs and we want to make sure you are getting more than just a basic course or 1-size fits all life coaching program.  

Our Holistic Mentoring Program Includes:

  • Dedicated Personal & Private Mentoring
  • Weekly 1:1 Structured Sessions
  • 30+ Page Mind Analysis Action Plan
  • Weekly Homework
  • Weekly Check-In Emails
  • Accountability Texts & Message Accessibility

Month 1

This first month we will be diving into your mind pretty heavily. We will go through the entire MAAP process and you will receive your 30-page analysis & Action Plan at the end of the month. This first month will focus mostly on YOU and why you think the way you think and make sure you find clarity, direction, and deeper truths. This month is primarily about self-discovery and introspection. The MAAP will provide you with years worth of self-discoveries that you may be lucky enough to find in years of therapy. We provide the clarity and the plan for you so you don't have to do the hard work introspective yourself or in months of multiple therapy sessions. WE DO NOT DIAGNOSE.

Month 2

The second month will focus more on providing you with generalized education, tools, and strategies necessary for sustainable change. There will be many exercises, readings, training videos, and homework to work on during this month. This is a very self-driven program, so the work and effort will be entirely your responsibility.

Month 3

The third month will focus on calming your mind and learning how to cope with your newfound information and skills. We will introduce some basic meditation, CBT and grounding techniques and you will learn how to better regulate your emotions with tools to anchor your being and perception.



Mentoring sessions will be once a week (at least).
The sessions will be structured like the following:

- Activity for client to finish before session begins (homework)
- Measurement of client's status before session begins
- 1+ hour of Mentoring
- Measurement of client's status after session ends
- Activity for client to complete immediately after session ends (homework)

On top of each session will be weekly homework, emails and accountability check in texts.

Why Choose Mind Mentoring FIRST?

Mental Health Needs To Improve and Become More Holistic In Their Approaches

When it comes to psychosocial and behavioral and emotional issues, Mind Mentor recognizes that the client is an entire person that is affected by Psychology, Environment, Sociology, Economics, Politics, Anthropology and Geography (7 disciplines of Human Ecology).

Most administrative institutions (including therapists and doctors) tend to tackle client's individual symptoms by combining structural treatment plans and calling it an "integrated" approach and never stray away from the model despite potentially poor results or slow progress.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are widely still using the DSM-5 to labels symptoms and point to a pre-established treatment plan for those symptoms and call it a day.

This is a superficial approach and doesn't account for how a human interacts on a day- to-day basis.

Mind Mentor understands that true integration of the mind, body and purpose doesn't happen within sessions. True integration occurs at the social psychology level when the client can interact with the world and society around them in a way that is more objective and connected.

This is why we focus heavily on breaking down the ego, biases and perceptions of self by pushing self-awareness, self-introspection and self-actualization FIRST before treating symptoms or emotional dis-regulation (which can be done by a therapist after our program).

Our 3 month program is a combination of workshops, accountability, education, coaching and transformation.
As your personal Mind Mentor, I am here to help you navigate your self-discovery journey, identify and clarify your biggest obstacles for you, share the strategies and tools you need for personal growth, facilitate change, keep you accountable, walk you through various processes and educate you with evidence-based solutions for your specific issues you have difficulty overcoming. I do not provide adamant space for deep emotional processing and do not diagnose or treat mental illness of any kind. My approach is to analyze, mentor, teach and coach last.