Meditation Is Essential For Reducing Judgment, Fear, Biases and False Assumptions 


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 This meditation is not meant for relaxation. It is not meant for coping with trauma or stress. It is not meant to alleviate, stop or even reduce negative thinking. This meditation is designed specifically for meta-awareness and insight. It is meant to bring a deeper level of awareness of various forms of awareness and consciousness.

👉 become more real, honest, transparent and an overall more authentic human being

👉 Become a better support for your friends, family and loved ones who may be struggling with issues you don’t fully understand

👉 Better understand yourself, your unconcious biases, your identity, your direction and your deep purpose in life

👉 Get a better handle on negative thinking, guilt, self-shame and begin to transform your percieved suffering

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The Self-Mind Analysis is an amazing tool that will help facilitate deeper levels of self- awareness. It is a tool that is used in the Mind Analysis & Action Plan method, worth $2,000. Use it here for FREE!

“Look outside and you will see yourself. Look inside and you will find yourself”

– Drew Gerald

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

– Carl Jung

Every Journey Inward Should Start With A MAAP

🧠(Mind Analysis & Action Plan)  

Unlike the DSM-5, the Mind Analysis & Action Plan raises the standard of holistic analysis and meta-awareness  by highlighting root causes of core issues while measuring and quantifying effectiveness.  

        How Does It Work? 

It utilizes various CBT/ MCT tools, exercises and questionnaires which clarify the overall situation of the client and creates new objective narratives that immediately help the client find direction.  

        Is it Custom? 

It is a personalized process that explores core meanings, biases, desires, fears, attachments, maladaptive coping skills, perceptions, emotional triggers, limiting belief traps, potential traumas and bad habits.  

           Who is it for?  

🧘🏽‍♂️This report is for people who don’t want therapy, are currently in therapy or have tried therapy and have had no success. It is for people who want to be more self aware and an overall better person and seek fast transformation.  

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So many people have already benefited from the Mind Mentor’s MAAP process. They have found direction and developed a plan to move towards their goals that align with who they authentically are. They have experienced deep insight into what their root core issues were that held them back from being who they know they can be. 

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"I think that anyone who knows Alex or gets to meet him, will get to see that he has a natural talent for seeing how the mind works. I consider myself to be a highly self aware person. And after meeting Alex, I realized that he has the ability to see how the inner mind works at a level that I have not seen before. Alex can dissect the inner thoughts that drive your behavior, and can describe them with uncanny accuracy. You will be stunned with how accurate and detailed his assessments are, and how those newly found perspectives will allow you to make changes for you to be able to declutter your mind."

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"The Mind Mentor has assisted me in multiple aspects of my life but specifically with codependency, addiction and perception shifting. Five years ago, I was using any external gratification to deal with my own issues internally. Alex was able to assist me in finding my authentic self underneath the years of addiction, facades and dissociation. He assisted me by providing me with worksheets. mentoring, taught me how to meditate and to use mindfulness in my everyday life. He's an amazingly gifted person, very compassionate and authentic and he has a lot of good to give"

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" I think the experience was a really good one for me. And I think it'd be nice for anyone to go through. Because you might not ask yourself these questions. It gives you something to think about, think about yourself internally and the journey that you've been on in your life to get you to the point where you're at right now."

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"If you have the opportunity to work with Alex, I think that it's going to be a very positive experience. And you're going to get a lot out of it. It's going to be worth the effort because he's going to put the effort in. He has the knowledge he has the empathy is the insight. He has the kind of analytical mind that can really figure things out and get results."

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"He has this way of thinking outside of the box, and he helps people's problems be put into more bigger picture perspective. So he actually helped me get out of my victim mindset, and helped me realize that I should observe my thoughts instead of attaching myself to them. And he's actually one of my biggest motivations into getting into meditation."

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Self awareness is a lifestyle that enables us to learn how to reflect and react to our suffering in a way that teaches ourselves and others the wisdom of existence.

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