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Hey! I’m Alex

Certified CBT Life Coach & Mentor

Working as a GIS Analyst for over 10 years with engineers and scientists has taught me how to analyze data, simplify complex concepts and repurpose various types of information so that it is more easily understood. As a certified CBT Coach and Mind Mentor, I have learned how to create custom worksheets, routines and strategies for effective and sustainable progress to occur. By studying meditation under a Zen Master’s guidance and through my own personal research and experimentation, I have learned how to create custom meditations that can help facilitate faster insights within the subconscious mind by tapping into fundamental perspectives and wisdom of existence. As an adoptee who struggled with various toxic relationships, codependency, depression, obsessive thinking, trauma and various unique life experiences, I have an extremely widely developed perspective of life, giving me access to high levels of empathy, compassion and intuition. As someone who has personally been obsessed with objectivity, critical thinking, experience and doing the “right” thing, I have taken the hard routes to learn more about life, what it means to be “succesful,” and how to share my insights effectively and act as a catalyst for change for others destined to adopt a more self-aware lifestyle. Finally, as a student of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, I am a certified Knowledge Broker and KBB member.

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Custom CBT Worksheets, Custom Mind Analysis Report Mentoring Sessions,  Products, & White Label  & Action Plan Workshops & Courses Services

Custom Mind Analysis Report & Action Plan

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I am not an expert in anything. I can show you the darkest places of my mind and my experiences and how I came out better.
The only thing I know, is that I know nothing.

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