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Touching On Concepts Of Consciousness, Mindfulness, Meditation & Existence

About The Book

Meditation has taught me many things. Over the years, I have adopted completely new ways of interpreting my suffering, my happiness and my reality. I have become passionate about helping others live more authentic and wise lives. This short but powerful book was born as a result of me trying to help one of my friends develop deeper understanding of why I was trying to teach her how to meditate more effectively. It started off as a quick essay and slowly grew into this piece of writing. It can forever be expanded upon, in fact, I am in the process of creating a much larger book that details my entire meditation experience and also acts as a guidebook and diary for beginner meditators.

This book is a general overview of some of my interpretations of consciousness, mindfulness, meditation and existence and the interconnections between them. It offers a somewhat in depth explanation of the importance of meditating and being more self aware of external factors that can manipulate your interpretation of your reality. It is a quick but extremely dense read that can not only be meditative and therapeutic, but may have the potential shift your mindset entirely.

“This unbiased perception—where external influences are external (not you)—have no control over the pure you and your intentions. Within everyone exists a perception that is fully saturated by love, un-influenced by external information, unbiased sense of existence, authentic compassion, inexplicable honesty and authenticity, unspoken, un-thought provoking wisdom and intuition and original first forms of fundamental knowledge pertaining to nothing”

Meditation is practiced by many different types of people with many different theories, customs, historical contexts, beliefs, and terms

About the author.

I have been meditating off and on since 2015. I have gone to multiple sesheens (week long retreats) and have studied with a Zen Master. I have read multiple books about the science behind meditation and what occurs within the mind. I have also read about how to increase the probability of reaching insightful wisdom existing within the subconscious through meditative practices.

I value logic and science and understand that there is an entirely limitless world existing within our minds that offers more wisdom and insight that the external world will ever be able to.


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My Meditation Diary: A Treatise on Self-Discovery