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  1. Psychological Flexibility Assessment 
    1. Video session or DIY
    2. In this first session we will begin to analyze your psychological flexibility. This tool helps to measure the quality of dynamic social processes and repeated transactions between people and environmental contexts. It helps determine one’s ability to adapt to situational demands, display cognitive resourcefulness, shift perception and balance competing desires, needs and life domains.
  2. Emotional Intelligence Assessment
    1. Video session only
    2. In this second session, we will begin to assess how emotionally intelligent you are by asking questions about your personal and social competence. This will help you understand the basics of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.
  3. CORE WHY & Priming For Self-Reflection Tool
    1. Video session only
    2. This session will be slightly more intense than the previous two. We will be going through a series of deeply introspective questions that prime the brain for effective self-reflection and perception shifting. At the end of this session, you will have discovered your CORE WHY.
  4. Self-Mind Analysis Tool
    1. Video session or DIY
    2. This final exercise can be done on your own or facilitated by a Mind Mentor. After understanding what your Core WHY is, you will now begin to challenge it further, create your visions, begin setting goals and begin detailing your day to day behaviors. Everything written down on this report will be deeply analyzed for the Mind Analysis Summary & Action Plan.
  5. Mind Analysis Summary & Action Plan
    1. Overview on video
    2. After you submit your Self-Mind Analysis to the Mind Mentor, you will receive your Mind Analysis Summary & Action Plan. This may take up to a week or more to complete. After receiving the Analysis, we will then go over the results in detail over a video session. In this video session, we will finalize an action plan and go over goals and milestones for the remainder of the year.
  6. Months of Accountability Mentoring
    1. Accountability mentoring comes in the form of text messages, emails, direct messaging and bi-weekly phone or video calls. This keeps clients accountable and helps support any momentum created in therapy or life coaching sessions.
  7. Unlimited Custom Worksheet Creation
    1. Customized worksheets designed for specific issues and reinforce metacognitive skills, self-awareness, goal setting and cognitive reframing.  

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