"What if you had no past.

What if you every memory you have is there for you to use as lessons to refer to, to make better decisions in the present.

This would make the present moment the only real moment you "have" and the true reality to live."

– Mind Mentor

Recalibrate Your Perception Tool

Touching On Concepts Of Consciousness, Mindfulness, Meditation & Existence

About The Book

Meditation has taught me so many things.
I have adopted new ways of interpreting my suffering, my happiness and my reality. I have become passionate about helping others live more authentic and wise lives.
This is a short but powerful book. I first created it for my friends to teach them how to meditate.
This book offers my interpretations of consciousness, mindfulness, meditation and existence.
It also teaches why being more self aware is important.
This book has the potential to shift your mindset and give you a new perception of existence.

“This unbiased perception—where external influences are external (not you)—have no control over the pure you and your intentions. Within everyone exists a perception that is fully saturated by love, un-influenced by external information, unbiased sense of existence, authentic compassion, inexplicable honesty and authenticity, unspoken, un-thought provoking wisdom and intuition and original first forms of fundamental knowledge pertaining to nothing”

Meditation is practiced by many different types of people with many different theories, customs, historical contexts, beliefs, and terms

About the author.

I have been meditating off and on since 2015.
I have gone to many week long intensive meditation trainings with Zazen Masters.
I have read the science of investigating the mind.
I have learned how to improve insight through subconscious meditative practices.

I value logic and science. 

I know there is a limitless world existing within our minds

It offers more wisdom and insight than the external world will ever be able to. 

I know this because I have been there.




Mellow Minded Meditation

I created my own meditation based on my experience and Neuroscience research.
I have spent years learning how to tap into my subconscious mind.
I have found that you are able to pull fundamental wisdom out from perspectives of existence.
I am not very interested in religion, spirituality or any man-made belief traps. My meditation is from experimental science and results.
This meditation is not to help relax someone, in fact it is in many ways the opposite. My meditation is more about suffering and learning how to accept suffering. It is like a boot camp for the mind. It is much more about finding obstacles than getting over them.
This meditation can change your life.
But, this is not a meditation course for someone looking for a quick way out.
This is for someone looking for a way in.

The Mellow Minded Lifestyle

Mellow Mind – A mind that pursues a sense of responsibility to maintain a standard of self awareness, in a non-judgmental way, that cultivates fundamental elements of a wise and peaceful lifestyle. 

Having a mellow mind is about the intentions and pursuit of establishing a standard for self awareness that allows you to grow through your suffering and cultivate elements of inner peace. 




Adoption 101

An introduction course on everything someone may want to know about adoption including all the benefits of adoption and all the drawbacks of adoption. 

Featuring actual life stories of adoptees all around the world. 


My Mind Mentor

Upcoming book!

My Meditation Diary: A Treatise on Self-Discovery


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