About Mind Mentor LLC

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Our 3 month accountability mentoring program takes you out of your chaotic life and pushes you on a self-discovery journey. On this journey you will be expected to complete homework, readings and watch supplemental videos on top of your weekly 1:1 mentoring sessions. By the end of the 3 month program, you will have experience with new tools, techniques and education for improving your self-actualization processes, self-compassion, mindfulness and overall contentment with your suffering. Our mission is provide effective self-actualization processes as solutions for improving authentic lifestyles, reducing internal suffering, toxic thinking, emotional hijacking, prejudice, and intergenerational trauma.

3 Month Accountability Mentoring Program

Dedicated Personal & Private Mentor

Weekly 1:1 Structured Sessions

30+ Page Mind Analysis Action Plan

Weekly Homework

Weekly Check-In Emails

Daily Accountability Texts & Message Accessibility

Month 1

 This first month we will be diving into your mind pretty heavily. We will go through the entire MAAP process and you will receive your 30-page analysis & Action Plan. This first month will focus mostly on YOU and why you think the way you think and make sure you find clarity, direction, and deeper truths. This month is primarily about self-discovery.

 Month 2

 The second month will focus more on providing you with generalized education, tools, and strategies necessary for sustainable change. There will be many exercises, readings, youtube videos, and homework to work on during this month.

 Month 3

 The third month will focus on calming your mind and learning how to cope with your newfound information and skills. We will introduce some basic meditation techniques and you will learn how to better regulate your emotions and use tools to ground yourself and anchor your being.

We are the best in the world at asking the right questions, analyzing and investigating someone's mind in order to generate massive change, introspection and perception shifts EXTREMELY FAST.

Mind Mentor LLC is a self-actualization facilitation and accountability mentorship company. We focus on speeding up self-actualization through developing consciousness awareness, understanding core issues, reframing toxic thinking, and the prevention of emotional hijacking through advanced self-analysis techniques, assessments, mentoring, and education on various topics including metacognition, meditation, self-awareness, trauma, ego, and authentic lifestyles. We also specialize in facilitating introspection through the exploration and analysis of adoption.

We focus on taking our client's out of their suffering and into a more holistic perspective of their lives using a Human Ecology- Based Approach. We focus on self-discovery techniques, cognitive reframing techniques, mindfulness based practices and habit building as solutions for improving self-awareness and reducing emotional turmoil. We support the client through 1:1 sessions, homework, accountability texts, emails, video trainings and custom-made tools.

Our Values

Keeping An Awareness of The Entirety of Your Being is the Secret Sauce For Living With Your Suffering, Both Mental and Physical.

Non-Judgmental Authenticity

Investigative Perception

Compassion And Love

How To Find Your True Direction

Research shows that 95% of people believe they are self-aware when only about 15% are. This un-awareness can cause feelings of being lost, not good enough and deep shame. Not knowing the specific tools and self-actualization processes for advanced self-awareness and analysis can cause fear of abandonment, rejection and a sense of a lost identity. This can cause horrible side effects in relationships, career and lifestyles.

Self-discovery can take years in therapy, which is why we perfected certain cognitive behavioral and self-exploratory methods that radically speeds up self-awareness processes necessary for finding direction.

We love helping clients improve the quality of their lives by giving them effective methods and space for self-discovery that push them to improve their thoughts, reduce their emotional hijacking and get back in touch with their intuition as a solution for stopping their suffering.