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As an adoptee who has experienced and overcome various intergenerational traumas, depression, anxiety, codependency, emotionally immature parenting and deep shame, Alex has mastered introspection and self-realization methods and has been trusted to help hundreds of clients who suffer internally, tackle major changes in their personal and professional lives, become better versions of themselves and ultimately enjoy a more meaningful life that aligns with their authentic self through improving self-awareness and reducing control that toxic mindsets, society, traumas and parents have over their life.

"With education in human ecology, NLP, CBT and MCT, 10 + years of mentoring/ analyst experience, Zazen meditation practice, partnerships with therapists and coaches and being a student of Tony Robbins, I'm confident in my ability to make you ask yourself the right questions you didn't know you should be asking, that are essential for long-term positive change."
Alex has practiced advanced self-reflection, introspection, cognitive reframing, metacognition, and critical thinking his entire life and has developed a unique skillset of using non-judgmental observation and analysis for personal growth and holistic transformation.

His passions for self-discovery, developing perspective, practicing inner investigation, cultivating awareness and using meditation as a tool for self-actualization has helped him overcome his own intergenerational traumas, chronic depression, anxiety and unique adoption experiences, such as deep-rooted feelings of shame, guilt, not feeling good enough and identity fog.


I believe that in order to be a good human, we should be integrated, holistic, and self-aware. We should be emotionally and cognitively flexible, reflective, and open-minded. We should value vulnerability and open ourselves to others while listening more to other people’s experiences.

I want to change the world by optimizing processes that make people more self-aware and therefore more responsible and accountable for their emotional reactions, biased perceptions, limiting thoughts and any negatively impacting ego-driven fears and desires as a solution for preventing unnecessary suffering and the continuation of inter-generational trauma and maladaptive coping skills.

Since childhood, I believed that everyone can navigate inwards to perspectives within their deep subconscious that are more true than their typical day-to-day consciousness.

With my mentoring programs and custom-made tools, I help clients prime their brain for effective change and guide them towards a cleaner and recalibrated mind so they can feel free to live a more authentic life aligned with their purpose and can easily develop healthier and more genuine relationships with themselves and their loved ones.


I always enjoyed thinking about the way I thought. I wanted to know why I feared what I feared, why I wanted what I wanted, why I thought the way I thought. Most of this behavior, I attribute to being adopted from Colombia and feeling very different from everyone else around me. I also attribute it to chronic childhood exposures of hostility and psychological toxicity within the household.

This metacognitive culture I’ve practiced my entire life is my secret for bringing subconscious explanations to the forefront of the mind much faster than conventional therapy. I specialize in reverse brainwashing. My accountability mentoring programs and services focus on quick but effective in-depth self-discovery, education, strategies, tools and meditation practices for letting go of pain and improving a mellow mind.

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