Self-Awareness Is A Lifestyle

Vulnerability Is A Strength

Loneliness Is A Choice 




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My Approach

I was never someone to enjoy indulging in small talk or superficial conversation. I like to get deep into the core of someone’s being within the first few minutes talking to them. Unfortunately, most people are not like that and I, therefore, have had many different reactions and experiences to my approach.

I have the ability to get straight to the point and navigate someone to their authentic core through questions and active listening. Because of my obsessive thinking, my brain is wired to make extreme amounts of associations and connections, that make analyzing thoughts and patterns much faster.

A conversation with me will equate to 5 conversations that get straight to introspection and subconscious exploration. My Mind Analysis reports are just as direct, if not more. Every sentence I write serves a purpose and is thought out carefully to extract as much insight as possible with the information you provide me on your mind. My approach is to be very efficient and deep and to provide you with something you have never read before about yourself that dives so deep into your being that your mind and interpretation of your suffering literally changes after reading it. I like to create immediate change and act as a catalyst for people to live better lives. I am not interested in validating or making people feel better, but more so providing them what they need to hear and read in order to finally build the momentum they need to get to where they want to be.

Everyone deserves a chance to effectively self reflect and experience some kind of life changing catalyst. This is what I offer.

My Story

My name is Alex. It is also Orlando. I was adopted from Colombia as a baby. My entire life, I have felt extreme amounts of intense emotions, not only for myself but for many others. Many people have referred to me as an empath, an old soul and a catalyst for change. I have a talent for helping others adopt more objective perceptions that help navigate life with more clarity. I facilitate self awareness by non-judgmentally investigating core issues, cognitive biases, limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns through Socratic questioning, various CBT techniques, custom mind analysis reports and mentoring sessions. I want to be the best at teaching self awareness, meditation, objectivity and wiser perceptions and interpretations of suffering in life that increase the probability of not being manipulated by ego and society.

For most of my life, I felt very guilty for existing, for being me and for the way I have treated those I loved. I’ve been the “bad guy” in relationships. I’ve been toxic and egotistical. I’ve been depressed. I’ve been suicidal. I’ve been codependent. I’ve been in just about every dark corner you can get to. Most people who know me had and have no idea of this hidden truth of my life. Most of my personality is not shared outside of my own mind. However, as emotional I have been my entire life, I have equally been analytical and logical. I have always been passionate about pursuing methods to use the mind as the amazing tool it is without allowing emotion to skew biased interpretations of reality.

And so over the last 5 years, I have been fully immersed in self education, learning about philosophy, meditation, inter-generational trauma, narcissism, codependency, mindfulness, metaphysics, mindset, ego, emotionally immature parents, self awareness and adoption. I received a certification in CBT and am constantly interviewing various professionals in the mental health industry. I have realized how important authenticity and vulnerability is and why it is necessary to share stories of suffering.

Over the last year I finally started believing in myself and that I can make an impact and improve other people’s lives. And so here I am, ready to help you learn what I have spent 10 years learning through experience if you are willing to trust me. I am ready to share with anyone who wants next level help and dedication to solving their most deeply rooted core issues and interpretations of their suffering. I was there, now I am here and I am ready to begin this career of helping people by teaching about my suffering. I am ready, are you?

Let’s set up a free call today and see if I can help you with that issue you have been trying to handle by yourself your entire life.

Reach out to me and let’s figure out how I can help facilitate fast and effective momentum towards advanced self awareness.

My Values & Beliefs

Awareness & Logic

Most people will live their entire lives without knowing how they interpret their reality. From the day we are born, our objective awareness is influenced by our experiences, traumas, values, culture, geography, economy, political arena, fears, joys and society. To be aware of your mind and what manipulates it is to understand your EGO, cognitive biases, interpretation of your subjective reality, your identity, your triggers, your pain, your values, your culture, your fears, your dreams, yous attachments, your habits and your logical reasoning. By knowing yourself more than anyone, you can lower the probability of being manipulated not only by others, but by your own ego and past experiences.

Perspective & Empathy

At the core of wisdom lies empathy, love, compassion and perspective. By being more self aware, you are able to develop these traits and interpret reality with a more objective lens, rooted in unbiased understanding. By having perceptive, you automatically can relinquish your own cognitive biases and psychological walls and be open to understanding others first before being understood. This will increase your chances of having less war-like confrontations and unnecessary stresses in life and will allow you to keep peace when necessary. You will also have better decision making capabilities that can greatly improve your positioning in the corporate world. Having perspective and empathy along with an awareness of your self and a logical way of thinking can greatly improve the ability to have a “control” over the mind and the emotions it can produce. When you are not controlled by the ego, emotions and bodily autopilot reactions to psychological and perceived stresses, you increase the ability and chances of living a more authentic life within an objective, non judgmental observer seat of consciousness. Empathy is necessary trait for true wisdom and love to manifest. Without empathy, there is no perspective, and without perspective, you will not be able to develop the authentic self.

Authenticity & Vulnerability

When you are able to practice self awareness, logic, non-judgmental observation, empathy and open mindedness, you are more able to tap into your authentic and vulnerable self. This fundamental and original you is where most of your best traits as a human thrive. This is the location within the mind that is the purest and least able to be manipulated by internal and external factors. This state of being is the most powerful and can impact the world if developed and utilized in the proper way. At the core of everyone’s being is vulnerability and authenticity. It is a core of pure energy, but is too often not tapped into. To learn the skill of authenticity and vulnerability will allow you to live a life that can openly receive and give out healthy energy and love in all forms (even suffering). The embrace vulnerability is to provide and receive a more healthy love, strive for objectivity, adopt wiser perception, be content with suffering, build stronger relationships, communicate more effectively and help others evolve their minds and make an impact on the world.

Someone who:

  • Feels alone or isolated from the world  
  • Wants to learn how to be authentic because they feel stressed out about being “fake”
  • Has difficulty self reflecting
  • Struggles with codependency
  • Struggles with obsessive thinking
  • Is interested in having a higher quality consciousness
  • Is in a toxic relationship
  • Blames themselves or has extreme guilt
  • Struggles with trying to help their parents, friends or family members improve
  • Doesn’t feel good enough
  • Feels as though they love and care about others too much
  • Are caring and intelligent but come off as condescending
  • Can’t turn brain off
  • Is content with life but wants new perspective 
  • Has tried therapy and other coaches but has not made significant change 
  • Wants to learn how to “control” emotions
  • Wants to learn how to “be better for others”
  • Wants to learn how to be more authentic
  • Wants to be more independent
  • Wants to be liked by those they care about the most
  • Have inauthentic and struggling children
  • Have inauthentic, emotionally immature or narcissistic parents
  • Want to adopt children
  • Don’t want to wait until they are older to address core issues
  • Hold extreme anger and resentment towards those who have hurt
  • Don’t have purpose
  • Don’t have time for therapy or life coaching
  • Wants more “real” relationships
  • Wants to “fix” themselves
  • Strives for so much more and struggles with the overwhelming need to do more.